Visa Information

Visa Application Documents, You should only apply for business visas to attend conferences. Contact your nearest Rome, Italy Travel Agency/Visa Information Center/Embassy for the correct application form.

All visas for the visit to Rome, Italy are processed by the respective embassy authorities in the correct way only after the presentation of the corresponding documents.

If no documents are provided or if the guidelines are not followed, the competent authorities hold the right to reject/cancel the visas.

The minimum documents that may be required when applying for the visa from / Rome, Italy include:

·         Official Letter of Invitation

·         Letter of Acceptance/Approval for abstracts (if you are a speaker)

·         Proof of payment receipt for registration

·         Hotel Booking Confirmation Letter for accommodation issued on conference letterhead

Note: For the Letter of Invitation and Accommodation Confirmation, payment of registration and accommodation fees is a prerequisite. Please contact us for more information.

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